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Will you support research into lung conditions?

The BLF’s mission is that every person with a respiratory disease:

Has an accurate and timely diagnosis  


Can access the best quality, personalised treatments they need, when they need it


Receives up to date support to enable them to manage and cope with their condition 

Your support will help research project like these:

COPD Diagnosis – Dr Maria Pikoula, University College London: My project uses artificial intelligence to review electronic health records. This will help to identify the differences in patients with COPD, asthma and bronchiectasis, that would allow doctors to diagnose these conditions better and identify the best way to treat these patients. 

Treatment for Mesothelioma – Professor Dean Fennell, University of Leicester: I’m running a study where we’re trying to extend mesothelioma survival rates. If this treatment is as effective for mesothelioma as we believe it could be, then we’ll be able to increase the number of choices for every patient. 


Prevention for IPF – Dr Nicholas Hannan, University of Nottingham: I am studying how bacterial infections make idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) worse. I’m looking to find targets that my team can develop therapies against to prevent this from happening and therefore improve the quality of life in IPF patients.